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2011.12.05 14:29

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AXA Advisors LLC

Axa Advisors, LLC is a leading provider of financial services for consumers and businesses, working with clients to help them define and meet their financial goals. We are a subsidiary of AXA Financial, Inc. whose other subsidiaries include such recognized brands as AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company, AXA Distributors, LLC and AllianceBernstein, L.P. Through our affiliation with the global AXA Group, we function as a portal for our clients to access a host of world-class financial services companies. AXA Group has over $1.859 trillion in client assets under management, as of June 30, 2007. The success of the AXA family of brands gives us capabilities and an ‘opportunistic synergism’ which help our clients achieve long-term financial success. 

We are looking for highly motivated, achievement-driven individuals who want the opportunity to establish and grow a financial services practice with the support and strength of one of the nation’s leading financial services firms, backed by the world’s second largest insurer.


Job Description:

  • Analyze financial information obtained from clients to determine strategies, products and services to help clients meet their financial objectives.
  • Provide information and education to clients about the purpose and details of financial products, services and strategies.
  • Build and maintain a client base, keep client plans up-to-date and acquire new clients on an ongoing basis.
  • Contact clients periodically to determine if there have been changes in their financial status.
  • Provide knowledgeable, objective financial guidance and customized strategies to consumer segments that demand the highest quality service. 


Whether it is financial, estate, retirement or business planning you need, we have associates who can help with:

•   Personal Financial Planning 
•   Retirement Planning 
•   Education Funding 
•   Estate Planning 
•   IRAs

•   Annuities and Life Insurance 
•   Business Services 
•   Employer-Sponsored Retirement Plans, including 401(k) Plans 
•   Executive Compensation Programs 
•   Business Continuation Programs 
•   Investment Services/Brokerage 
•   Asset Management; Wrap Fee Accounts; Asset Allocation & Brokerage



  • Results-driven, highly motivated self-starter who possesses integrity, a strong work ethic and the desire to help others plan for and protect their financial futures.
  • Team player who possesses excellent interpersonal skills and communication abilities, with a high degree of self-confidence.
  • Ability to draw upon past/present experiences and acquaintances to develop markets and build upon them to sustain long-term partnerships.
  • Must be a US Citizen or permanent resident.
  • A four-year college degree is required and relevant professional FINRA securities designations are a plus. If you do not have the following, you will be required to attain them, under the sponsorship of Axa Advisors: state life and health licenses, FINRA Series 7 and 66 or equivalent.
  • MBA, JD, CFP, CPA or ChFC, a plus.


Seek a greater challenge and be life confident.


Byung Kim


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